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New 2013 Goldwing F6B

Just announced today the 2013 Honda Goldwing F6B. Would you ride one? It is amazing what a couple of chnages can do to the look and styling!




I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!

I like it and I would ride one! It's like a Vision / HD Bagger / Goldwing all wrapped up into one!

I feel my mbs acting up.....

I've heard really good thing sabout this bike .. I'm surprized it doesnt have a porta potty on it ..LOL

I would ride one.... better yet , I would like to own one................Kyle , let me hold a dollar !

Very different looking!

I'm not big on the Gold wing but I could definitely see myself riding that one. Sweet ride for sure.

Yes I would ride one. The only thing is the opposing 6 cylynders engine may not get the gas mileage I expect when riding a bike. After all, if there is no cage, then I demand fuel economy. I get around 41 mpg on my bike and i am not satified with that. I want power and high fuel mileage. i know I am hard to please.

I have a Honda F6 in the garage already......A Valkyrie! The 'Wing looks like a 6 cylinder version of a Kwakka Vaquero, or HD. I'll stick with the Vallk.

I'm likin' it. This could be on the list. Have to see one in the plastic...whatever,its a possibility!....................

I like it a lot and would be happy to test ride it when it comes out in Jan.

I think it is a great looking ride. I like the uncluttered look without the top box and I like the molded hard bags. Impressive.

Phil , do you like it enough to buy us one ? Somebody spent all my money on BEER............but I will gladly pay you back my HALF Tuesday...................."ole buddy !

What took them so long?
Cobra did a Goldwing prototype that looked similar probably 5 years ago

Doesn't look like you can add the top case to it, bummer. Plus no electric windshield? It does look cool however and anyone who has ever ridden a GL1800 knows what an awesome machine it is ...

Hi Kyle, maybe I should keep my Wing and just mod it a bit Smiley-wink

I would definately ride one, nice looking Wing !!

Looks neat too, but I like the look without the top box. Would be great if they could come up with a quick attachment system so you could use it when you needed it.

You need it Phil..............would save you a lot of trips to the liquor store ! Have a good week "ole buddy !

Phil....c'mon! My F6 Valk with no fairing or top box looks much better!

Oh!! I didn't realise. Sorry.


Yes, it would be cool to own and ride. But what is a Golwing without a reclining armchair on it?

Somewhere between a cruiser and a touring.

I'll stick with the Valk... it's got more style...and it's in the garage now.

I have been looking at the Goldwings for a while and this one is much more appealing to me. Now I just have to remember where I left that $20K. OH! I REMEMBER! It's in the bank around the corner. Smiley-wink

Don't forget your ski mask when you make the withdrawal. That's pretty terrible of me to say having been in 7 holdups during my banking career.

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