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New here. Just checking in to check everything out.




Hey mate! Jump on in!

Welcome from the Netherlands. Just watch around, feel free to participate the way you like. Wish you nice and safe rides!

Welcome from central coast nsw australia....

Welcome from Arkansas. Lots of great people here at CCC. Join in on the fun

Welcome from North Cakalaki, Hehehe

HI and Welcome from Washington State. You have a nice Triumph, now there are two Thunderbirds here.

Scruffy, we need to be careful they don't breed. There could be a hole flock of them.
Welcome Bob. Try and ignore the lunatics. They don't need any encouragement.

Hey! I resemble that! Trying to ignore me already? Humph For all we know, Bob could be one of us Ab E Normal types.

Welcome Bob, beware of Phil Cole who drinks and smokes and lends his arse to other blokes, he can be a worry, but we treat him with ignore .... cheers

Phill, I will have you know, I gave up smoking 6 1/2 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well two out of three ain't bad ... lol

Welcome Bob. You've come to the right place. I'm the only sane one here...........sometimes. Smiley-wink

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