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New 7" LED Headlight

These just arrived this week, and I can tell you they are bright! It is a 7" LED head lamp replacement that will plug directly into a 2014 and up FL as long as you also get the KY-5487 wiring harness. We did an install on a local 2014 Ultra Classic and it was very easy. And he is now the envy of the local HOG group. This LED out performs the Motor Companies $900 LEDs for the RoadGlide.




Sorry but have seen them on the SuperBrightLEDS site for $129, Chrome or Black you can get them in

Hey Allan,
Make sure if you buy a light that looks the same on the outside, it has the same components on the inside. These lights we sell are 75 watts and only use Philips LED Boards. I can assure you they are bright, and will turn heads. Plus as always we will stand behind them.
Ride Safe,

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