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A New American Motorcycle.


Nice one Edwin, but I don't think this would be my bike, even when I had the money to buy it, I would go for another one...

Not my style either. and way too much $$$. Or I'm just cheep. I can buy tow or three other bikes for that price and still have just as much fun riding

looks like they plan to design a cruiser soon. I would to see that when they are done Smiley-laughing

Could use some foot-boards, but where would I put the saddle bags or trunk? Stay out of the dirt with that or it will be all over your back, jack. Looks cool, Dough!

That is one ugly bike!!! And the price tag is over the top. American made or not I would not buy one

Pretty heavy bike at 550 lbs for something that looks like a motor, tank, 2 wheels and a seat ! But at 117 cubics it's probably quick...but...I don't like it either...maybe would consider it if I had a boatload of $$, a cycle collection, and wanted a curiosity to ride once a year - other than that I would pass

I missed this post first time around; thanks for resurrecting it Gordo. That bike has a Confederate Motorcycles vibe about it. Yes, it is expensive ... but I quite like the aggressive “industrial” feel of the design. I think Keanu Reeves is doing something similar under his own name.

Hi Vardy ... I thought it kinda looked like the bike Kirk rode over to Starfleet docking bay in the reboot Star Trek - where some random dockworker sez 'nice ride' - Kirk replies 'it's yours' ...and flips him the keys if someone would do that to me ...hmmm... Ill have to check the Keanu fave actor !

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