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New Badge - Rally Organizer

The Cruiser rallies/gettogethers this year in Canberra, Australia and the Dragon showed us how important it is for our community to meet face to face (or handlebar to handlebar) with other members.
Huge kudos go to the members who organized those rallies, starting with Robin001 and PhilCole organizing the 2010 "Inaugural CC River Run" in Mildura.

Phil pulled it off again in 2011 with the "Not a CCC rally in Mt. Gambier".

In 2012 he and Vardy organized an even bigger really in Canberra and the 2013 rally in Barossa Valley is already planned as well.

The CCC Dragon Ride in May of this year turned out to be a huge success and the it has become the #1 Discussion on the site! Big thanks to moreland4, skeeter229 and GunnerCWO3 for organizing the ride.

Also, thanks to Surfwer and his son surfdwr for organizing the BBQ at Americade for the past 3 years and this year as well.

To thank all those who planned and organized a rally in the past I added the "Rally Organizer" badge to their member profile. It will also show next to their posts or comments on the site. Thank you guys for stepping up and taking the initiative for making those rallies happen.

I hope this will serve as inspiration for others to follow in your footsteps. 





please let me know if I missed anyone

Thanks Uwe,

Thanks Uwe... It was needed...

Well earned and deserved Grats guys.

Terry (crAzyAce)

Thanks big fella. Most kind of you. It's a joy to do it when so many people enjoy getting together.

Brilliant, spot on!

Thank you guys for volunteering your organisational and diplomatic skills as well as a lot of your personal time through the year to get a bunch of people from all over, together for one weekend of fun. It's something that many of us spend the whole year looking forward to! So it is something really special.


And thanks Uwe for allowing us all here on the site to recognise those individuals.

can you get phil a Badge for rally Pharmacist He really looks after all the meds on the rallies to the point that Dim has too write a day by day account of the weekend just to let people know what happened .

PS Uwe
could you issue a Badge to Dimitra for being the official Australian rally historian and scribe. She has put in a big effort at all the rallies to record the event and later edit a DVD for all who took part.

Australian rally Historian
sounds good

Good point Mark

Uwe - Mark (Hagar) and Wayne (Buddha) had as much to do with the organisation of the Canberra rally as I did.

sounds great guys, I added Mark and Wayne as well. I totally agree with giving a badge to Dim for her outstanding contributions with the rally stories. Could you guys please agree on a name for the badge and write a few paragraphs that will show on the "badge" page.

Thank you Uwe! This is such a great idea, and I had fun with Rick and Mike setting up the Dragon ride! I can't wait to do it again, and look forward to getting to some of the other CCC Rallies!

I would like to suggest getting together at Rons house. He will provide ALL the BEER and FOOD. We provide.....OURSELVES ! Ron is such a GREAT guy , it would be a shame for all the CC members that havent met him to miss out ! Ron , lets set a date !! Next weekend !

LOL.. Ken, My have no idea how much I would love to do that! But if you ask Rick, you'll realized that I have about enough room to party with about 3 people at a time! lol BUT...I have a lot of room in the back for tents!! Bring it on buddy!

I like the idea of tents and you have plenty of room in the house to get up close and

cruison should be there too. He does all the reconnaissance trips with me and plays ride leader as a result of knowing where the heck we are going. He is a worthy wearer of such a hallowed title.


Dim and others who post stories of CCC events or rallies are in affect recording the history of the community and should be given the status of ....the quill wielders...or just the Pens lol . Or simply Historiains..but a Badge is needed .

and Phil is on the money with cruison..
lots of work go's into the rallies ,checking the roads , cafe, motels , pubs , local attractions . pubs , oh did that one . and Cruison has done all the above .

Two badges would be appropriate, SCRIBE & ORGANIZER. I-m so happy ^^ I-m so happy

Thanks Uwe - I love the badge!

Well deserved badges gang. Congrats

Rodger that, I added Len. You guys let me know what badge Dim should get

The pointed pen of poison award? The scribblers note pad award?? The Dims Daily Diary award???
You could actually just call it the "Daily Diary award". I give up!!!

She deserves it

I'm glad to see all the organisers and contributors being recognised for their efforts in putting together some great CC community events for us all to enjoy, because it takes a lot of work and effort (even if it is fun!) Looks like this is just the beginning of CC member rally's, it's just going to get bigger & bigger.

Smiley-laughing thanks Mark & guys for suggesting me for one of these for writing too, that sounds pretty cool, I'd be honored to have it (whatever the badge... well maybe not whatever LOL)

Hey Dim! What does . mean?

LOL oh hell. Tezza couldn't you just let it go? Period.

I changed my mind. It's a womans prerogative to change her mind you know LOL But I couldn't delete it... okay so now you know what . means LOL

. means perogative. I knew that. Julie does it all the time. Smiley-wink

haha, sounds like she has you well trained Smiley-wink

its ok Dim I totally understood what you wanted to say.......................Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh crap, I'm seeing double.... tezza.... tezza1....

That mean that I agree with Dim!!!! Smiley-laughing

Marek I totally agree - smartest thing you've said all week Smiley-wink

Dim. Just so you know. I'm the old fart and tezza1 is my apprentice.

I feel so honoured obie one canobie

LOL I thought you were all Old F.... oh no better just say: .

. . . . .

Terry 2 : did ya just say: Obie One Cannabis??????

Huuuuuuh donno man, err was I actually there

Hi Dim, sounds like the discussion is going in some other direction quickly Smiley-wink
We don't want to forget about your badge, someone made a suggestion to call it "Scribe" or "Rally Scribe". Do you have any suggestions or preferences?

Go for Rally Scribe

Rally Scribe, sure why not. That fits Smiley-laughing

Thanks Uwe Smiley-laughing

Rally Scribe it is, you should see it next your your posts already. Could someone please type up a couple of sentences what the badge is and how other members can earn one?

You are such a damned fine fellow Uwe. Who would have thunked it?????

Hi Uwe, I must mention Karens (Nursezak) fine scribing on the 2011 Mt Gambier run, which I could not make it to. So she also has earned the title....

I can get back to you with a couple of sentences later on if no one has beat me to it Smiley-laughing

So has wolfye. He did the big write ups on Mt Gambier and did most of them omn the day.

Rally SCRIBE, Some one recognized for there Attending & Writing of CCC rallys, Putting into detail all that happened on the rally, 7 taking the time to do so. I-m so happy ^^ I-m so happy


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