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New bike

Just picked up an 06 C90T for 4000CDN love it so far. Was wondering if anyone has anything I should watch out for, or any suggested accessories. Also would like suggestions for a little louder exhaust as it's extremely quiet.



I know the 05's had a problem with the recitifier overheating and cooking the stator. The trick was to relocate the recifier to the front of the battery box for better airflow.
Never use straight tap water with the coolant. Deionized best, distilled second or use 50/50 premix.
The exhaust sound is a matter of your buget.

Edwins....anything you do to your bike/s is a matter of bike stuff? fixed income is broken. I can't budge it.

Same here Edwin. A payrise from my superannuation fund would be nice.

Enjoy the new ride mate, my 06 came with a custom built 2 into 1 exhaust which sounds awesome but isn't too loud.

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