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New to cruiser

Recently purchased a 2006 boulevard m50 . Trying to get ideas how to customize my bike.




Welcome to the site. Get a small pocket sized notebook or a note taking app for your cell phone. When you've been riding and something on the bike doesn't feel quite right, write it down each time you ride . Do this over a couple of months. The best example is the seat. Figure out what about it you don't like and start looking for one that has the changes you want. Other common changes are handlebars and risers, foot pegs or floorboards, mirrors and horns
Remember, you're doing this for you. It's your opinion that matters.

Thank you for the insight. Right now I am not riding but gaining knowledge about the M50. I plan on riding in the spring .

G'Day Vybe 1, from COOMA NSW Australia - Get a feel for the bike and if you get a chance to, have a talk to other riders who have similar machines - there is so much gear available for the Cruisers these days, it does come down to What You would Like for Your Motorcycle, that is why we personalise our bikes - to suit us ... Check out some Goodies Catalogs and prepare your 'Shopping List' Smiley-laughing
Ride Safe ...

Welcome Vybe from Penrith, NSW Australia. You've come to the right place to get info on your M50. There should be a few M50 owners here. I have a C50T. Check out some of my pics, vids.

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