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New dates for Barossa Valley 2013

After many emails yesterday and today I realised that I had booked the Barossa Valley CCC rally for the same weekend as the 2013 Ulysses AGM.
With the good patience of Marcus at the motel It has been changed to March 8-9-10-11.

To book a room, ring Marcus on 08 85 64 24 04. We are staying at the Vineyard Motel in Angaston. You can also book on line for those who have the skills. there is a 10% discount applicable so please ensure that you get it.
Again, i will organise rides with teh help of many friends and we will also organise a winery tour on one of the days.

The new dates may also ensure some drier weather than we have had the last couple of years.
Look forward to seeing everybody then.



my head is spinning

bye the phil thanks for the planning mate

Thanks Phil.

Sounds good! Can't book it on line however as it shows no vacancies



We are BOOKED too Smiley-laughing



Bugger... off!!

Thanks Phil for getting that finally straightened! (more beer head is spinning)

I booked today (Thursday) - the owner told me that there are no single rooms left - has filled pretty fast. Counting down the days already!!!

wow, it's happening!!!

We will see ya there Uwe.
Fly into Melbourne great ocean road ,then the Grampians call in at Phills placeon the way then on to the Baroosa great ride.

Sounds like a plan - I have not given up on the GOR yet. I kept Steve's motorcycle maps (sent him a new one), so I'll be checking out the fun roads on the map soon Smiley-wink

Why are you booking a single room Vardy I thought if not Jackie your girl friend Alan would be there again.

Hi Uwe didn't realise you would be on line hope all is well the web site is taking shape quickly you have done an amazing job in a short time. The ride that I mentioned is great you would really enjoy, google the Grampians it is a truely amazing area. Hope you do come it would be an outstanding effort and not with out appreciation from all us aussies.

Thanks Wayne, I usually don't plan my trips that far out, we'll have to see.

Hi all, yes Marcus was/is really helpful, i'm so glad i booked when i did ( THE EARLY BIRD ) Thanks to phil, Looks like the slow pokes will be sleeping on the ground, LOL LOL, & no your not sharing a bed with me, no matter how much you offer, LOL LOL, ABDOOD.

Will be sooo good to meet you all, my Daughter & i are really looking forward to it, Stay Safe Stay Free All, ABDOOD.

Hey Wayne - Alan has decided to join us again. Rang the hotel and managed to get a double room - so, a single room is back on the market. Got lots of things to do between now and the next CC rally, including the MotoGP at Phillip Island, the annual Snowy Ride. Also, this year's National HOG Rally (will be my first) is being held in Canberra - 21 October, or thereabouts. they have to have the HOG thing in Canberra coz of your Dyna's reliability...Ooooops... it was my bike that "failed to proceed" on the way home from Mt Gambier........

Yes, I can verify that Uwe doesn't plan too far ahead. lol Sorry man.
We booked in early too... so bad luck for those who thought you'd miss us.

Rob...are you going to walk there?

The motel is 2 kms from my house in Angaston. We will go there for a BBQ lunch one of the days.

Phil, I took your advice and rang, there were rooms avaliable despite what it said on the website so I booked in and cancelled the other motel,so thanks for that Phil, and maybe others can ring up and ignore the website's no rooms crap. Now where the hell is South Australia?

S.A. is just to the left of Upperkumbukta west. Can miss it. Big place. Lots of trees, people, pubs. Great place.

We are booked

I thought long and hard about if I should stay at the motel or ride in daily. When I read Vardy was booked into a single room I was a bit concerned he might try and jump in my bed. My lady would not be impressed. Thank god he got a double now. I got my room booked now so I'm definitely on this one and looking forward to meeting you all.

Hi all, great to see you all getting your act together, & Yes, thanks Phil mate great job, SEE YOU THERE OR YOU ARE SQUARE, ABDOOD.'s about an inch and a half away from Canberra...on the map...a small map.......

we cant wait! just up the track from us lol

Yeah, no three days traveling for you this time Lee, but I have to say Im looking forward to a long ride.

So thats why you were buying a new pillow on make your seat comfy. lol

No it was so I could rest bits on the tank now that I have a bmw seat, Im mounting a gps on the end and I'll follow its nose, if its not cold that is.

Have the pipes left yet Lowie

Ya big girl! lol Those pipes there yet?


Take another postie hostage!

No , not yet.

I doin't think you ordered anything Lowie...just stringin' us along.

No, they are on the way,you'll see and then you'll want them to.

Good to hear that you're so close Phil, I couldn't change my scheduled flight so and no rooms were available for the two days previous, Clyde may be the same, not sure what boat he's coming in on though,,so umm, you'll have to send me directions to your place, and I'll get some cash to you in advance to cover the groups meals, I was thinkin that maybe you could barbi up some roo on the first day,,, have to run the roo down with your bike first...tenderises the meat.
Clyde has fallen from grace? THe King of Oz in exile is coming home as a boat person? He's in it for the cash grants for sure. His HD must need a service.

Lowie...will they fit the Valk?

Who's this Jim bloke?????????????

Is he the mate of the bloke who wears black and can't drive???? This Jim bloke, is he the same one who has the worlds worst TV ads?????????

Hard to say Phil...but easy to drink.....

hey there guys how are we all? linda and i ,are booked in! sweet........................

cruizon and I are goiung to do a reccy run later this year. I will let you know when and you can join us.


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