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New to the Family

Hello everyone. I'm new to the Star family, and wanted to introduce myself. My riding experience has just been 5 years, and roughly 25K miles. But I have definitely loved the experience of the open road.

Until recent I was a huge Honda fan, being the proud owner of both a Shadow Spirit 750, as well as a CB500x. Although both were very dependable, one was lacking the California Highway speed conditions, and the other was lacking the comfortable Cruiser feel.

Out of pure luck I happened to stop by my local Bike shop, and had noticed a great deal on a Yamaha V star 1300. It took me about 2 weeks of research, and back and forth decision making - to make my mind up.

I went for it! I traded in both Bikes, and became the proud owner of an 07 V star 1300. I am now riding into my 2nd week, and get more and more thankful of my decision during each ride. With a daily commute of just over 100 miles, the bike rides like a dream. Although Honda does make a great Bike as well, I have no plans of ever returning back. I truly believe I have become a Star 1300 lifer.




Welcome from Arkansas. Lots of great people here on CC. Sounds like you got a good ride. Enjoy and be safe

Yamaha is all I know. there must be something better, as it is not a perfect bike.

Thank you. I definitely love my ride so far. Driving too and from work has definitely been my highlight of each working day.

As far as Yamaha being all you know, it sounds like you were sent in the right direction:). I have limited experience as well. But the little bit I do have, my V Star 1300 is by far the best bike I have ridden. Aside from my 2 bikes above, I have ridden a Nighthawk 750, and a Yamaha Trailway 200.
Between comfort, power, and smooth riding, I cannot say enough great things about the V Star.

Welcome from Washington State. You won't be sorry about your 1300. I have two Stratoliners I have ridden most every style and size of bike out there and found the Strat the best ride for me. Been on a bike since 1963. Lots of chrome for it and cheap to maintain when needed. Most of the maintenance you can do yourself. Ride safe and someday we may meet up. I just met up with several guys from here in San Francisco this spring. WE had a very nice time riding around.

Welcome on the site "HighwayHooligan", I'm nearly sure that's not your real name... I also started riding about 5 years ago and also started with a 750. It was a Vulcan 750. After a year I changed my Vulcan for the bike I still own and ride, a Yamaha XVZ 1300 Royal Star and I still love the bike. Very comfortable, I agree with Wayne, lots of chroom bit most important it's doing its job whenever I want to go for a ride... this summer I went to Sweden to meet some friends, for me that's the longest distance I ever did, most of the time I do about 200km rides, just riding around in Holland.

About two years ago I bought a Honda cb 500. I bought that bike because we can have terrible long winters with lots of salt on the roads and I don't want to use the Star during that period of the year because it will dammage all the chroom. The little Honda is really easy to use, it didn't cost a lot of money and it doesn't have any chroom. So for me its a great second bike to use during winter or... just when I want to go to the village centre, so also for shorter rides. (I just bought a pair of heated grips for the Honda to make the bike a bit more comfortable during colder winter rides).

Very welcome on the site, please feel free to post some pics or vids, make some comments or ask some questions, because there are some friendly guys here who have lots of technical knowledge who will answer your questions whenever they can! I'm not the one, because I've really two left hands!!! Have fun, wish you many nice and safe rides....

Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy it here. I've ridden a ton of bikes but the last two were stars. Vstar 1100 classic and now a stryker. I have no intention to buy anything other than a star in the foreseeable future. They're a great bike!!

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