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New Feature - CC Unboxing Photos and Videos

Got my new GoPro Hero3 from CC - here are the photos.
You can now share your CC Unboxing photos and videos
by selecting the "Shopping >> CC Unboxing" topic.



What the heck is "unboxing?" I such a spaz when it comes to technology!

It's the new "geek porn" - I didn't make it up Smiley-wink

I learned somthing new, I must still be alive......

I know how exciting it is to receive your orders. We have a ton of product reviews that say "just got it". Now you can snap a photo or video with your smartphone and share it with others

Cray 2 I just want my package from CC before the holidays finish.... Then I will take pics Smiley-laughing

Am waiting for three packages from the USA from three different suppliers with various parts for my Norton 850. Only one has shown up thus far - a new Venhill tacho cable. The other two packages are taking an eternity. With the tens of thousands of packages coming across from the US in time for Christmas I will be lucky to see mine this side of the first week of January. Getting very impatient!!

I have the seat but no fenders so the seat can't go on until I have the fenders Grrrrr. I guess we ordered the wrong time of the year. Tracking shows one of my packages is in Chicago somewhere. Been there since the 12th. Must be one hell of a traffic jam!

I understands that one airfreight company is sending three 747 freighters across the Pacific to Australia EVERY WEEK!! One hell of a trafic jam alright!

I too am waiting on a delivery of parts from the US. My parts have arrived in Aussie, but are in Sydney and don't look like they will make it to my workplace in Adelaide before Friday lunchtime when I go on holidays. Looks like I will have to wait until I return to work to get my hands on my new toys. 8^(

Mark you know you can get Ostrich feathers in Australia now!

Yeah, - Chook Feathers ....

Oh goodie! My toys have arrived!! There will soon be an unboxing video of my new playthings. Aparrantly I will have to wait until after Xmas since the bits I selected (and bought myself) are my christmas present and therefore I can't open until Christmas day. :( On the up side they did get here before work breakup....

But no Ostrich feathers in the box...........

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