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New guy needs help!!! 2002 1100 V-Star Classic

I need to take the front cylinder head off this bike. I can't find any manuals that explain how to do that.!


8 Comments Try these guys. The manual is free I think.

Bad news is your going to have to pull the engine. Might as well rebuild the engine at this point. I found this out when I researched adding new valves to my bike. New cams not a problem, but new springs require pulling engine out to get to top of cylinder. I see you have manuals above so just read on first, develope the plan and parts, and equipment needed to pull it off. Definitely use a buddy to pull it out and put it back.

650 engine removal...simular The 1100 is going to be heavier, maybe 100lbs heavier. I'd drain oil and take off everything to lighten it...including starter. Crankcase cover is going to lighten it when removed, but be careful not to bang up seal or internal parts.

Be certain you have the appropriate torque wrenches, working on the engine components is especially important to torque them to manufacturers specifications.

What is wrong that you think you need to remove the head?

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