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New Harley Rider

Hi folks,

Getting into riding again after several years, bought my 1st HD, 2017 Heritage Softail. I had couple different Hondas in the past, and find this a completely different animal to ride. Looking forward to advice and info from y'all.




Welcome from Arkansas. Lots of good people here from all over the world. Post pics and video's if you wish

Welcome to the site

Welcome from California. Never had a Harley, but my brother did. He had a heritage. The cool thing is he road his for eight years, and then sold it for exactly what he paid for it.

Welcome Kiko, from Australia. Softail Heritage is a great looking bike ... post some pics.

sorry to hear that

Welcome Kiko.

Welcome to the site from Washington State. Take it slow and ride in low traffic areas for a while until you get a grip on your bike. These are heavier than Hondas and take a different style of riding. Get with someone that KNOWS how to ride and can teach you the correct techniques in slow parking lots ,turning your bike with the bars lock to lock and not tipping over. These techniques are a learned they are normal if you don't use them you lose those skills. Fine a parking lot that is empty like a church lot on any day but Sunday. Hone your skills at turning and stopping find out what you think you know and what you really do know. The life you save will Be YOURS. YOU picked a very good bike to ride. BE SAFE

at the end of the day its going to be hard to end the ride. enjoy enjoy enjoy.

Welcome to the site from Medford, OR. Do as Wayne says. He is a top notch rider and knows motorcycles.

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