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New laws about emissions in EU for 2017...


Awwwww. Now I have a headache. I never could understand that stuff.

I t is my belief that if you cross a politician with a engineer you get a irritation.

I thought that was called monkey butt

NOW is the time to buy an older bike and fix it up.

there may be job openings for x VW engineers

LOL... Do you really think so Bob?

They know how to keep exhaust emitions low or so I heard Smiley-laughing at least long enough to buy the vehicle then you dont have to worry

They threatened to smog check our bikes in California, until they realized that the after-market exhaust industry would be devastated with loss of state tax revenue, and that they didn't take into account that motorcyclist don't sit and idle in traffic jams where most of the smog is created. Motorcyclist must keep moving between lanes to keep the engine cool and thus compared to a car are near non-polluters, that and the fact that most cycling is recreational and not a daily usage vehicle. They finally concluded that the effort to control motorcycle pollutants was not going to make a real impact in air quality, and the cost and loss of revenue, and loss of rider's pleasure would be detrimental to all parties to the point of discouraging the populace from using the less polluting higher gas mileage motor-scooters. Yea, California cyclists win!!!!

The U.K say they will only have electric vehicles by 2040 according to today's news.

Your old monster is safe, they will grandfather those bikes and probably make them valuable. Unfortunately long after we die.

Probably right Drew.

so I what to know when is someone going to figure out how to control cows bad emission of methane and be able to convert it into usable fuel.

Over 30 million kangaroos adding to the destruction of the ozone layer as well .... !!!

I think that known oil reserves are expected to last another 50 years ... not gonna be around to be a problem for me!

I prefer to have something to eat versus being able to drive or ride around. Ancient man got around on his own two feet, then again, where is the ancient man now? I better quit, the philosophy is making my head hurt.

The ancient man was going to die any way. Hell, most of the modern men I knew when growing up are dying. But I will live forever.

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