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New to me

Just got a used 2007 Star 1300 Tour and I love it SO much. This my first "big" cruiser and so I have a HUGE learning curve coming straight formy face. So, that being said, I have a couple things tha I want to investigate.
 1) At least on my first tank of gas, MPG is low. Around 30. To my unsophisticated nose, it smells like it's running rich.
 2) As it is a used bike, there are tiny spots of rust here and there and I'd like to clean those up.
 3) I cannot seem to see the wear grooves on the front brake pads and would like to know if there is another way to verify wear.

2007 Star 1300 Tour, K&N air filter, Cobra 2 into 1 exhaust, just over 19000 miles




Hi Mips.
I dont know about the gas but the rust spots take just a bit of chrome polish to it, and on the breaks If you cant see the grooves change them out or your looking for big trouble.

Go to page 8-32. Onboard Diagnostics for the fuel injection system.
You're Welcome.

I owned a '71 Beatle and yes.... Sometimes there was some rust. I used "Pol" metal and chrome polish. It's really good stuff. Just need a little bit. Put it on, wait a few minutes and polish... It removes the rust, it's also some polish and it protects. It's made in Germany don't know if it's available on the US market. (Pol, metal-polish).

Welcome to the site from central New York, enjoy your time here. One quick check on the rich fuel is look at the spark plugs there's plenty of pics online to compare to. I have that engine in my stryker and get around 40 mpg with the same exhaust, cobra 2 into one and I'm a bit lean in my burn. I'm looking into a fuel management system, that may work best for you as well

HI and welcome from Pasco WA. You may be running rich due to the filter and pipes. Just as paintcan said check your plugs and if they are black there rich. If tan just right.I'm down there a couple times a year. I got cousins in Battle Ground. I have two Stratoliners the 07 has big air kit and cobra long shot pipes and it gets 30-35 mpg If I ride nice.The 2014 gets 35-40 if I stay under 70 mph. Which never seems to happen. If I remember correctly you can get into the computer and change the mixture. I did that on the 04 strat that fattened it up nicely. 2014 is still stock settings.

Thanks, all!
Edwin, I was able to get copies of the owners manual and a service manual, so I got LOTS Of reading to do, thanks for the links.
Gerf. Pol is discontinued.
Netzinger, thanks! this looks good.
Scruffy; I grew up in Kennewick so I know where you're at.
I went looking for the tool kit and found it has a Cobra FI2000 so I'm gonna mess with the settings on that first for the fuel.
Again, thanks all!

Loosen your choke cable way loose. It's always the culprit in bad mileage.

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