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Hi all,I'm Allen's girlfriend. I don't have my own bike but I ride with him. I usually just get on his CC page and watch videos and pictures we decided I needed my own account



Welcome from Carolina. So you decided to stop lurking and become a member: good for you. You are much more than Allen's shadow! BTW, congrats on keeping Allen in line. We didn't think it could be done. Hehehe

Animal it is a full time job

Keep up the good work! LOL

Welcome isn't the right word, because you're already here as long as Allen is... and now the Moviemaker has her own username and membership! LOL

Glad you could make some time free for yourselve besides keeping Allen in line 24/7!!! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Thank you Gert. It is strange having my own account

Whaha.... I see you both sitting in the living room.... using personal messages on CCC: "Do you want to drink something, Allen?" Few seconds later on your screen: "a beer (please)!"
Whaha... Allen and Julie found a new way to communicate with eachother!!! Lol

You have to know, personal messages are limited by 24 hours... Max 20! So it's better to ask two beers at a time my friends!!!

Really, keep me in line, lol. It is a job, for sure

Allen, you obviously don't get the message, this thread is talking about you and not to you....LOL!
Well done Julie for creating your own account, we can now get the real gossop on Allen. Even though you claim that you don't own a bike we all know who is really steering the bike....Pull on the left ear lob to go left and right ear lobe to go right, total control, it's easy.....LOL!

Your right Dub. Sorry

Welcome Julie. Glad your here. I'm just back to riding a little but I'm hoping to build back to the point where Patt and I can catch up with you two down in Branson.

Welcome Julie. That is the name of Mrs tezza. I shouldn't forget your name for awhile. Smiley-wink

HI and welcome from Washington State. Keep allen on the streight and narrow as well as possible.

Well done Julie ...

Yeah, but is Julie Tezza a Bloody Idiot? You may want to be very careful how you answer that Terry...LOL

She is a bloody angel! What about that Animal? Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

That's a given: Anybody that puts up with Tezza has to be an Angel. That doesn't mean she isn't a bloody idiot though...LOL

As you said BA, so I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it might incriminate me. Smiley-laughing

JULIE JULIE!!!! Look at you steppin out on your own!! Good on ya girl. So now you need to pick up a bike and make him ride Bitch with a bad back.
It's called pay back Smiley-laughing

LOL movin on up, like Val said, time to get your own bike, although, as my wife no. She said I wouldn't be able to sit back and site see if I had my own bike, This way I get to enjoy the ride and site see, best of both worlds.

You crack me up Valerie. And Triumphin I do like riding passager but I would love to ride sometime as well

Good on ya Julie.

Hi Julie. I'd say "welcome" but you've obviously been around here a lot longer than I have... Tell Allen to go out and buy you a Scout. Smiley-wink

Good on ya Julie ! Smiley-laughing

You heard the man Allen lol

A nice red one Allen! Hehehe

YEAH !! Biggrin

Even a Pearl White "60" would be a great way to start.

wink wink nudge nudge

Hello from France, its good that you are watching someones back, in whatever sense of the word, but you should be out in front and let someone watch yours, we all need somebody to watch or be watched.
Long life and good health. Keep happy and smile.

L & R

That is a true and nice statement Tony ! Smiley-laughing
Myself, while riding with others I am always the one behind watching their backs ! Smiley-laughing

Welcome in. No need to own a bike just enough that you are interested in them. My wife pillioned with me for some years but I encouraged her to get a licence and bike....just so the packages would have "something for her bike"...and a lot for some of my bikes. lol

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