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Just joined from Oregon and don't know about anybody else but I am ready for spring a month ago



Welcome from Arkansas. Join in on the fun we have here at CC. Lots of great people from all over the world. Even some in your part of the world

Welcome from just North of you. Pasco WA. I'm with you on the weather. I'm ready for anything above 40 F. Trading up to bigger and better COOL.. We should hook up this spring if you would like, Heck it's only 35 miles or so..

Where about in Oregon. I'm from Medford Can easily be to the northern part in 5-6 hr ride

Welcome, from western Canada!

Welcome from Norther California.

Me too I am currently in Missouri but am moving to the Florence OR area closer to the end of the year

Florence is a neat place. Riding the sand dunes, biking Hiway 101, the ocean. Speaking of the ocean, you will need to be meticulous with the bike keeping the salt air wiped down. Anything that is outside gets salt corrosion on it.

I am pretty anal about keeping my bike clean and waxed as it is so that shouldn't be a issue lol so excited about getting up there

Little late on response. I am over in eastern Oregon. Stanfield is home which is about 29 miles west of Pendelton

Yeah Pasco is about 1/2 hr from over here in Stanfield depending on if the cops are patrolling the hiway or not. So far I have rolled it 5 times since the thaw out. While we were snowed in I went over to Rattlesnake Harley and traded my fatboy in on a 2013 ultra classic Electra Glide CVO so you might say I get over to the Pasco area on a regular basis. Usually 1 or 2 of the guys in my club and myself are always going to your neck of the woods for something or just to ride.

That's cool NEW bike and all. I would like to ride with you some time this summer. Just let me know when and where. I have meet several guys and gals here and have become great friends. Electra Glide is a great bike. Have fun riding as soon as the weather starts to play nice.

Most definitely have to get together and do some riding. Semi retired so I have alot of time for just that. Not into putting number out on internet for the world's eyes( not saying anything bad about others on here) but am sure we can figure something out

HI Rbaker76 , Welcome from Washington State. You're going to like the North west for riding. Florence is a great place to live. Lots of stuff to do and places to ride. Let us know when you get here and Randy and i will try and hook up with you. We are kinda busy this year with our riding and fun stuff. Right Triumphin ??

Yep, Srgt, just use the Personal message here. It is fairly protected, unlike Facebook. A bit of ride for me, but not totally undoable.
Yeah Randy, when I get up that way will drop you a message to see if you are available to ride.

The wife and I are planning a trip to Medford this spring or summer to see my mom and sister so will most definitely soot you a message before we head that way so we can do some good riding over there triumphing. Get the tour of the good riding area from you. Doesn't matter where to since she likes riding almost as much as I do

I want to ride with you guys. Only 6-8 hr ride from here. Give me a shout too.

Hi scruffy we will be in Spokane the end of next week for my sister in law's birthday then driving down into Oregon to look at houses

What time and day do you think you'll pass through here? This is the ony way from Spokane 395 South.runs right through the(Tri Cities). Pasco Kennewick Richland are the cities you will pass and Pasco will be the first. If you let me know I maybe able to hook up for a bit. Next weekend I'll be helping Randy(triumphin) with his lights for his Honda Rebel. We will both be here at the house. Just let me know and I'll message you my address

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