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Hello to all. My name is Pat and live in Yuma Az. I ride a 05 1100 vstar classic. Never to hot for a ride. Thx.



Welcome! Don't be stranger. Get involved with the site. Lots of crazy dudes from all over the world.

Will do. I'm not shy lol

Welcome from Arkansas. Join in on the fun we have here on the site

Welcome from central New York, those vstars are a great bulletproof bike. Stop back often. From San Antonio

Welcome from The Netherlands. "Never to hot for a ride", that's your comment... Well, maybe it is, but I can tell you, it can be to cold to go for a ride!

Welcome from North Carolina.

Lol not too cold here but I've seen 128 degrees many times in the summer

Hello to all and thx

128 damn!!!!!!!

How do you keep from melting

Welcome from Canberra, Australia; The Nation's Capital.

I thought 100 degrees is cooking temp! LOL

Eat a lot of ice cream

Good morning to all. I feel a ride is in my plans today. Last ride for two weeks, wife and I are going to Clarksville Tennessee to visit family

Enjoy the ride and your family visit...

Welcome yumaaz, i used to live there is it still 30 miles from water and 3 feet from hell lol. Cool off in the owl book store bring a roll of quarters. I use to work there. Again welcome,

Welcome from California. Been to Arizona once. It was overcast and hotter than Hell.

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