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I'm kids , I will do the best I can to be good I tell it the way I see it and no problems getting it back . hope I can put in as much as I get out But I won't lie .. some people irritate me as I've found on other sites I've tried to join , it seems there's always a know it all out there and I often wonder if they even ride. I hope this is not one of those sites



As I'm possibly the most annoying person on this site, welcome. lol

ps. Read thru this. It'll introduce some of the folks on this site.

Heck I don't know nothin and I put 72000 mi on my sportster in less than 6 years so does that make me worthy of your time? Just sayin

Way to go VAL. Welcome from Washington State. I have over 65 K on the one and 25 K on the other and that does not count on the last 45 years of riding.

Wayne. no fair, you started before me. LOL

YOU should have started sooner. I was 12

You're right. But my papa would have had a fit. Lol

Mine told me to buy it. I worked all summer long on the farm in the spuds and wheat later in the apples. I made about $1500.00 that summer so in the fall I went and bought a Honda 90. $600.00 + tax for the thing. I had a smile all the way home while ride it. No helmet no gloves just a T-shirt and Jeans , tennis shoe's. I was set.

Such a fun memory!!

They call that a squid Wayne. Lol. Welcome to the site from central New York. I, much like Val ride a lot and don't claim to know anything, I hope you enjoy your time here.

Oh I forgot ..... I was 60 when I first rode or even was a passenger...... what can I say, I was a late bloomer Smiley-laughing

Valerie ... late bloomers always bring added passion and zeal to what they do because we are making up for lost time ;o))

Welcome Kidd from Medford, OR. Yes there may be a know it all here, but I don't let that bother me. I made some really good friends on the site. Have seen members come and go. It is like life, there are no guarantees, just enjoy it while here.

Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. My first bike I got in 2010. It was. 93 Yamaha virago 750. I got it with11 k miles on it. I laid it down rather than rinlcer the riders that went down in front of me a year ago. Needless to say insurances decked it out and I just got a new bike a week ago. It is a 2001 Suzuki intruder 1500 LC. It has almost 35k miles and sure hope it has a lot more miles to give me some fun.

Hi MSTZ nice to see another women here. Welcome

Welcome to the site Kidd. Hope you enjoy it. Unfortunately, as with any other large group, you will find some of those members here from time to time. If they are abusive etc and outside the group guidelines, report them. Myself or one of the other moderators will review the issue and deal with it. Have a great day.

Vardy, explains my reducing passion....47ish years continually behind bars is a bit of a stretch. lol

But you never tried to escape from behind those bars Al.....there must be something in that! Or just maybe no hope of rehabilitation for you....LOL!!!

You know the story with long time inmates....they get released and quickly re-offend so they get put back behind bars. I seem to be a multiple offender....a few sets of bars to serve behind.

Welcome Kidd. We are like one big happy family here.

Welcome Misty. I had a 98 Intruder 1500LC for my first midlife crisis 16 years ago. A great bike.

Welcome to Misty as well!

Welcome Misty from Medford, OR. As Valerie said, nice to have some more women on the site.

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