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Hey everyone iam Donnie just joined the forum and wanted to say hello. I  just bought a 2013 Roadliner and can’t say enough good things about this bike. It is a great fit for me..




hi Donnie welcome from San Antonio how about some pics of that great bike

HI Donnie,
YOU got a great bike I have two Stratoliners and they are one of the very best bike out there I think. I have had lots of bikes and this one is the best. I,m from Washington State. There is one thing you need to know DON'T luge this engine while in third gear. Shift at 3000-3500 most the time. This engine likes it there it will do 5,000 all day long. I know I have over 100,000 miles between the two bikes.Never had any issues with them. Your really going to get to like this ride. Don't be afraid to lean this one over into the corners. I'm scrappin the floorboards and muffler all the time. If you need any help let me know I do all my own work on my bikes. Ride safe and often. Have a great time..

Thank you Wayne for the welcome. You are right the more I ride this bike the better more I enjoy it. Do you wind it out a little more in third? Fourth seems too be the gear mine likes the best.Iam beginning to trust it more in low speed maneuvering.

This bike is very well balanced. I can ride it at 5-10 mph with ease. Just a little clutch a little brake and some throttle 1000-1500 rpm. I run the engine up to 3,000 in every gear. Just riding around town in 2nd at 3,000 anything under 35 mph. Highway riding 5th at 75-80 most the time. try and Practice this guys stuff The CD's are Jerry " MOTORMAN" Pallandino. This guy is good and if you practice his techniques you will really get to ride this bike like a 750. I know it's 900 lbs but with the correct riding skills you'll have a lot more fun and a ton of confidence which will make you even a better rider.. Then you will notice all the things that people do wrong while riding. I practice his stuff every day because riding is a learned skill. Not natural to roll into a corner and lean into the pavement then slide your ass over a few inches point your toes and knee into the turn and get even lower. This is how I ride on my Strat's It scares everyone I ride with. They have crashed and I have stayed up. It scares them to get into the corners at speed. I ride slower so they won't try to keep up I don't need anyone to get hurt trying to keep up with me.
Practice slow speed stuff FIRST after you get that down then you can run circles around most other riders. It does take lots of practice.
Be safe this bike is fast and heavy. It is a good bike. Easy to maintain and service. Have a great time riding it and if you want any help or just chat give me a shout..

Thanks again for your expertise. I enjoy practicing as much as riding. I watch all the videos I can,some of those police officers certainly know there way around a course. Stay safe out there!

Whatever way you ride is good - as Long AS You are Enjoying it - that's what I have found over the years of riding (since 1969) ... Riding to the Conditions and your Capability are Paramount to Survival ...
Take Care Donnie- Enjoy the Roadliner .... Nice Bike for sure ...
G'Day from COOMA NSW Australia ..
Ride Safe - Cheers ....

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