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New member again again!

Hi. Now I'm done. Twice been blocked from here so it's goodby!
I hope you all have nice and safe riding.





Why were you blocked ??

Don't know.
Asked from master but have no answer.

Why blocked? That’s what I’m wondering, I had some password issues when I first joined but all has been well since. That’s odd.

I have never heard of anyone getting blocked. I have been here for 7-8 years. May be it is starting to shut it's self down due to the lack of maintenance

That's a Possibility Wayne

Maby but it's not nice to come blocked everytime. Now I'm running out of email addresses and will not do one more.
I have not got any mail that I should to do something to get my profile to work.
Maby the reason is here maby not.
One thing is sure, I have not give an any reason to be blocked.
Anyway, hope you all have safe ridings. Here in Finland we still waitting that the snow will magically disappear. Smiley-laughing It's only -15°celcius this moment.

See you!

And i can't even change my password.
I don't believe that I'm really blocked.
Reason is somewhere else but this is not nice.
Hope to have some help..maby

It does sound like it is a system-related problem rather than a deliberate block

Maybe one of the moderators will check the problem out.

Sorry to hear. I suspect the system is starting to break down due to lack of maintenance. Just tried to upload a picture and kept getting error message, file not found, etc. We may have to go instagram and Facebook.

The System does seem fairly Sluggish today .... (mid morning time NSW OZ time) - Ah well. See what gives I suppose ... I certainly can't do anything to fix it ... Smiley-laughing
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

I don't know how to use Instagram

You guys can use CC Guys on Facebook I got it going just in case something like this happened.This is the other group from here Friends from Cruiser Customizing Group on Facebook. Take a look and give them a try..

what's instagram? Is that an electronic Telegram ? Hmmm ??? Post Office or Telegraph Office ??? ooh, hang on I know - their like instant noodles - Just add boiling water ... Smiley-laughing

Val instagram is probably the easiest social media to use. Download the app, set it up and follow anybody you want to. There’s a bunch of us on there that post and follow each can set it up as private where you have to give permission for someone to follow you or public where anybody can. Anyone who wants to follow me its @paintcan57 and my faith based one is @4.4_ministries

Randy are you on instagram? If so what’s your acct?

once just to follow Vardy's trip around Oz. randy.bahm

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