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Hello, Im John. Jus joined. I researched awhile.
Decieded on a 97 Yamaha Verigo1100.
Shes a rare find I believe. 14,000 miles. Hope to learn her maintenxe an keep her til I retire from Riding.
I attempt to ride a bit every day or at least crank my bikes, at 58 years old, I want to maje the most of every day.. My other bikes a 87 Suzuki GS450 L.
Shes nice ,with some issues,. They both will keep me busy.
Im a retired service an repair plumber.



Welcome from Canberra. Australia......I agree John, at 58 year young I try to make the most of life every day but I started doing that from age 18, my wife says I still haven't grown up. Enjoy your rides, post some photos and get involved with the discussions.

Welcome to the site from Arkansas. Sounds like you have two good bikes. Enjoy and be safe out there

Hi Hi Hi. Whoops I got stuck
Hello from San Antonio

Welcome from snowy central New York. Enjoy your time here, whatever you need there’s someone here who will help you out with it.

Hey John, just a year older. Some days I feel like a fairly young man and then there are other days I'm reminded of my age. I think it is from trying to do those young man things when I'm feeling young. Still can ride even when I'm feeling old and that makes me feel young again. From the other side of the US in Medford, OR.

Thank u. All for the welcome. I appreciate it..
Shout out to Australia,. Awsome to hear from the land down under.

Welcome from WA. State. I got both you beat I'm 10 years older then yous guys. I ride every day. You have picked a great little bike to ride and work on. I have three One with 60 K one with 30 K and a new one with only 1000 miles but only had it two weeks. Have a great time riding them and be safe..

Another welcome from Aus ... there's lots of us here John !

Tks. For all the welcomes. Hey Australia !.
Australlia guys, weve a lot of white tail deer,, possoms, raccoons crossing roads here in My Alabama USA. . Jjus lost my 15 year old
Australian Red Heeler . She was best dog ever had. I can see the Dingo in her when i watch National Geographics.
Ever have any of those Dingos, Roo's, or down under creatures cross in front of yall outback?

No dingos but plenty of kangaroos ... common as cockroaches . Don't have to go as far as the outback to see them ... they regularly bounce up and down our street

Sorry Peter but not having ever seen a Roo outside the zoo. The thought of one hopping down the street makes me chuckle

Vardy, yea I can imagine, ive seen lots of National Geographic, as well as All Steve Irwins croc ,snake,etc shows.

John, welcome to the community, from snow-covered Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I envy you guys who can ride after November 1st. My Valkyrie has been in storage since early October, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get in a weekend ride in early December, as I’m headed to Brisbane, AUS, to check on some business opportunities - and Spratty is going to meet me and provide some guidance with riding on the opposite side of the road! I’m really looking forward to it.... and the potential business

Welcome from Kansas City. I live in an unusual spot. I've got deer, wild turkeys, racoons, possums, fox, hawks, owls and more across the street. That's just in the first block heading west from my house. On the other side of the soccer fields, I also have a zoo. Kangaroos? No problem. It's the Chimps who escaped that caused the lock down. LOL

So Edwin ... Planet Of The Apes takeover started near your place !!

Well, they do keep the B-2's at Whiteman AFB. ..........."They blew it up!" - George Taylor (Charlton Heston)

Fuel, 2 fuel tanks? Verigo 1100. What the Heck, lol. Good morning Ill post on tech board next time, was jus checkn a post here.
I have a Clymer Service Manual on the way for 1100. Ive been watchn u tube videos regsrding 1100. One was a vifeo on 97 same year as mine.
The young man said there was a small gas tank under , the big tank an a fuel pump?.
Always had gravity feeds, cant wait on the manual, whats the deal. Tks.

Welcome from Penrith New South Wales Australia.
Owned an early series Virago myself & enjoyed eevery minute of it.

Tks Matt, .
Im seeing 99 percent postitivefeed back on the Viargos. .
Ive always had 750 cc or less, Japanese bikes. So Im feeln very comfortable with the step up to v twins 1100, .. It suits me fine.
Watch out for the Roo's I hear cross the Aussie roads a bit outback.

The Outback! Lol
They are even in the suburbs

Hello there John from the Netherlands, just a very little spot at the other side of the Ocean... enjoy both your bikes and ride safe!

John ... if you scroll back through my photos you will see a pic of a big buck kangaroo that was grazing in my neighbour's front yard

Welcome John. From another member from Penrith NSW Australia.

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