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New member from Oakville ON

Hi All 
Just sayin' hi ... new member - I ride 2005 V-Star Classic which I bought last season after not riding for about 20 years ... I've rediscovered the awesomeness!



Welcome from Washington State. It is spring down here and have been riding for a couple weeks. There are lots of great folks here. Keep coming on back and get to know the group

Welcome Gordo from Penrith NSW Australia.

Welcome from Arkansas. Spring is trying to get here. Lots of great people here from all over the world. Join in on the fun

Thanks for the welcomes ! Up here its still cold and we haven't even hit the April showers yet!

Hi Gordo - a bit like me - only just gone 12 months (5th april) since getting myself another bike after a 20 year layoff - Definitely worth the effort - I don't know HOW I existed for 20 L o n g Years without a bike - but a buggered back will do it every time - back is still knackered but my Spirit has been Re Kindled and I love it - getting out with the knees in the breeze once again ... So WELCOME to ya Gordo from COOMA NSW Australia ... Safe Riding ...

Welcome, from Calgary! Hope you guys are getting spring where you are. We’re still hoping to see the end of a looong winter. Glad to see you’ve rediscovered the passion!

Hi Dirky ...thanks for the welcome ....and the answer is a big NOPE ... +2 and raining...freezing rain warning for this weekend ...soooo done with this winter !!

Hi Frostbite - I don't know how I did without for long either and forgot what it was like ... I guess the "history became legend, the legend becomes myth, and remembering what it was like passes out of all knowledge"...seriously though when I went for my first ride last year it was like I was a kid again ! I am now so bitten by the bug - and here in Canada its been such a long drawn out cold and wet winter that all I have been thinking about is getting back out there again !
I hope your back holds up for you this year

Hopefully your spring will show up soon and STAY for a while.

Amen to that Triumphin ! And hopefully it be a better summer than last year - where it rained almost every other day !

Welcome from Canberra Australia Gordo. I’m a “returnee” as well. I got back in the saddle in 2005 aged 52, after a 35 year absence. Motorcycling is now such an integral part of my life i can’t imagine what it would be like without it.

Thanks Peter... Isn't it the best feeling to 'returnee' after so long?!!...there are very few things in life you can do to revisit the yesteryear!! This is one of them!!

Hey Peter & Gordo - It makes you wonder 'HOW Did I Manage to NOT BE RIDING for SO LONG ' - It is my one passion since age 13 - there isn't any other feeling like it on the Planet ... and I think Everyone who rides will probably agree - to be in control of a powerful (not necessarilly the fastest or best) two wheeled machine that has a life all of its own that responds to your every input, is a real Buzz ....
Ride 'em fast - Ride 'em slow - Be they Big - Be they small, Ride them solo or Ride them with your other half, Life IS just MUCH Better when You are on Two Wheels ..... Smiley-laughing
Take Care ALL - RIDE SAFE & ENJOY .....

Hi Frostbite - well said !! ...and having a life of it's own is soooo true...and we get so attached to what we love that we usually give it some kind of a name (whether we broadcast it or not is another thing)

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