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New "Member Specials" tab

You might have already noticed the new tab above or just click to see the specials that are available only to members. I know that we have a limited supply of the new the DBR T-shirts.



Cool deal Uwe!

Nice gesture!

Ditto on the above.

Yeah... Hmmm.. Why not......

BTW Uwe.... Do you know Roadies "where-abouts"?????
Didn´t see him for a while...

Oh yeah it is there too!

Marek he is still here in Texas!

At your place Greg?

Yes sir he's supposed to be resting with the dogs as we speak but I'm not home so who really knows!

Take good care of him Greg.. (as a personal favour to me - I would highly appreciate it) ... I can not express it enough how I lite that bastard) I would like to meet him again ... Somewhere...

Come on down Marek we can have good times with the like ferret!

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