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New older newbie rider.

Hi All, always look for a form when I find a new toy. I went Big Twin possibly a little early and a little late in for my age but WTH. Vulcan 8oo gave me my wet feet for one summer and now 1600 Classic is waiting for the snow to melt and thesand to get washed off the corners. Safe riding to those who can do it now and will be picking yours bains as needed, thanks in advance. NEster





Welcome from San Antonio I sure hope you can ride soon but from the looks of it it might be awhile this is a crazy year

Welcome from Arkansas. Post pics and videos. We would love to see your ride.

Welcome, from Calgary! You’ll love the lower centre of gravity (albeit with extra weight) of the bigger bike. We are all waiting for the snow to melt over here too. We just got another 10 cm over night, though, so it might be a while before we can get out and ride.
When you’re on the road, remember one thing; EVERYBODY on more than two wheels will try to kill you. Stay safe!

Welcome from Emu Plains Australia! No snow here Smiley-laughing

Welcome from Washington State. Have a fun on your Vulcan

Welcome from COOMA NSW Australia - Great place to hang out - 1600cc Vulcan sounds ideal to me ....
Ride Safe ...

Welcome from sunny Wales
I am a newbie to both the forum and Cruisers..... awesome guys on here tho, loads of help

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