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New older rider

Hey all, I’m Steve Shikles. Thanks for accepting me into this forum. I’m new to riding at the age of 59, yea I know, a little late to pick up riding but oh well. Might as well have fun, right?



Never to late. Welcome from Kansas City.

Hi Steve and welcome to the site. As Edwin said never to late, as I started at 59 as well, first ride was a 650 Vstar then 1100 Vstar now 1300 Vstar. Totally enjoying myself. Also we have a great group of riders that all belong to CC and we ride most weekends.

Welcome to the site from Ontario Canada...Its never too late to start !

Hi from San Antonio, Heck I didn't start till I was 60.

I was a young’n when I (re)started ... 52. Welcome from Canberra, Australia

Welcome Steve from NSW Australia.
I restarted at 62 and love it.

Hi Steve. Welcome, from western Canada! I started riding at 14, then rode into my late 20's........ work, family, all the usual impediments, kept me from doing it again until I was over 50. Since then, I can't get enough. I'd ride every day, if the weather was good. Too bad we get so much winter here! You'll love it, but remember to stay safe. If you haven't taken any riding courses, I think almost everyone on this site would highly recommend it.

Never too young or old - Motorcycling is a blast - ENJOY ....
Cheers & RIDE SAFE ...
frostbite (Greg)
COOMA NSW Australia.

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