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New Product! WeRev Handlebar Mounted Clock

Check it out!Normally clocks just like this retail for $75...
WeRev has scored a great deal on these clocks and they can pass the savings on to you for just $49.99!

Do you want ot review this clock in either Chrome or Black?
If you want to... I will add this clock to any open order in exchange for a review! Just message me your current open order, and I will add the clock to the shipment! 

What exactly are you getting with this clock?

It fits 7/8" bars, 1" bars, and 1-1/8" handlebars and is not limited to handlbars...

The clock itself is Quartz movement made by Seiko Precision Inc and the face is glass crystal.

The total clock size is 2-1/8" and the clock face is 1-5/8"

Click here to see the Black with White Face and click here to see the Chrome with White Face



Hi Kyle, I think my order is here now :( ill pick it up on Monday. I want a clock for my 1100 and it looks like this one will fit because of the narrow mount. My risers have a wide centre block making it difficult to get a clock on there. Can you tell me how much clearance there is between the bar and the bottom of the clock?

3/8" is the space between the bar and the clock w/o a spacer. If the 1" bar spacer is installed, it's almost 1/2" from the bar to the clock.

It looks like it will fit but will be off centre. I can live with that. I don't have an order yet so I guess I need to go shopping now. The we rev bag arrived yesterday. Looks good. Will fit it up to the 109 on the week end and do a review for you.

Great stuff Kyle. A $50 clock for the price of a review. Well done. Who says CC don't look after their clients. I want to buy one of these but I have clocks on all our bikes. Bugger! .... Wonder if I should think about another bike?

For sure Al!!!

KB... can you write me a permission note so I can give it to Coz? lol

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