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New Rider

Hello!  New bike owner here.  Purchased a 2000 Intruder 800.  She's in pretty good shape, looking for help on locating and installing a rear brake cable.  I've searched high and low on the internet for this cable, but I'm coming up short.  Can someone direct to a place that may sell this part and, possibly a walkthrough, either video or written, that shows the steps to replace this part?




Rear Brake cable? How about a rear brake rod?
Sorry, don't have the 2000 at hand.

Welcome to the site. We actually try to help each other out. Lots of good people here, sometimes a little crazy but good.

Welcome to the site from the Netherlands... I'm really not the one who can help with technical issues, because I'm a real nitwit with two left hands! I just want the say, very welcome here and I'm sure you'll get some amswers. Post a pic from your bike, always nice to see!

This is at I buy stuff from these guys a lot. I have never been disappointed in their service or the products. Most of the time I get OEM from them and cheaper than the parts shops around here.
OH welcome to the site from Washington State

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