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New rider here

Bought a 2003 vstar 1100 custom last week never been on a bike till it got delivered. 




I can relate to that. Welcome from San Antonio and I hope you enjoy your ride

I would highly recommend taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's class. A little knowledge can go a long way.

Welcome from the Netherlands. Enjoy your new ride. Take it easy on your first rides and get used to the bike first. It are only two wheels you know! Smiley-winkSmiley-laughing

Ya I agree on the motorcycle class. That helps alot. I suggest you take a look at my seat in this picture. One thing about my bike was the seat was uncomfortable after 1-1/2 hour rides. I had to find something to fix this and I did. I can ride for 6 hours on this seat:

and this

Hopefully you can access this picture.

Welcome from Arkansas.My advice is to take a safety course and take it easy till you get comfortable with the bike. Lots of people here on CC that can answer any question you might have

Drew ... did you post a photo of the end product ?

Drew has major skills.

No I just rode on it. This summer I am hoping to cover my seat and passenger and backrest in leather and studs. I figure I wont have to sew, just fold and staple. If you go to my picture I use for my logo, and double click on it is will enlarge and you can see my seat. It has the cover that came with it, the leather and studs has not yet happened.

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