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New VIDEO/PHOTO rules / themes for 2014

There have been some changes for 2013, the rewards have changed to make it more fair and to try and distribute the winnings. If you win a video contest then you cannot win again but if you poll the higest votes to will be delgated to second place, same applies to the photo contest. You are still eligible to win a place in both. We hope this will entice more members to participate. I suggest you save this blog to your home page for reference. If you need further claification you may contact myself or Beachy 

PHoto Contest                                                                Video Contest 
FEB Chrome Reflections                                                   Feb Northern Hemisphere  VS Southern Hemisphere

- Title the Video / Photo "Month Contest", for example "June Contest"
- Select "Photo Contest" or "Video Contest" as the topic, make sure you tick own photo/video
- In the description box tell us a bit about the photo/video like where/when/why/who
- Only one entry per person each month( if more than one entry only the first entry will go for voting unless its an update and then the update will go in)
- One 1st place winner per 12 month period 
- 2nd and 3rd place is open to all entries

Monthly / Yearly Prizes:  Photo Contest
1st $50
2nd $25
3rd $25
Video Contest
1st $75
2nd $25
3rd  $25

Year End Prize: Video: $150 Gift Certificate
Photo: $100 Gift Certificate



say lucky57 can i get that to go all at once  thank you  no fies please

With more people involved in the video contests how about a 3rd prize as an incentive for 1st timers. Perhaps a CC tee shirt. (Free advertising for CC)

I agree with Tezza on the incentative for first timers.

The rest looks fairly well balanced to me, well thought out Dennis and team.

Now all we need is an edit feature in this section and our lives will be a lot happier for those of us who have fingers that can't spell!!!!

Great rules, gives everyone a chance to win. I think it's great all the new members getting involved...and they are pretty good at it too.

sounds fair

Yep! Sounds both fair and (what is important) encouraging people to make vids and entry contests!

Well done!

can we ban pig boy  from the contest he's not wright in the helment aka luckyluke  Tongue out and i think polisken get it too

Sounds like a great plan!

CoolSounds good to me..Cool

Well thank you all, Wendy is back with her comp up and running again so let the entertainment begin

What about October photo-contest? is it still alive or dead?

There is no voting site...

Dennis, Rick,
I cleaned up the formatting a bit and added info regarding the "topics" to select

am I missing a link or did they teach me wrong in school about the calendar? Where's the other half of the year? Oct - video of Halloween costumes motorcycling. August - protective clothing worn despite it being so *$*#(#* hot. Sept - fall harvest, Ya Ho vacationeers gone, July - sorry other members, but gotta go with 4th of July celebration (or any celebrations in July) , November/Dec - what gear to wear or don't have but still rode anyways to avoid PMS.

Uwe having trouble with Bold feature and edit not displaying after saving

June............can the gloves be holding a BEER ?

No , but a bottle of bourbon will do !

Bottle of Bourbon....some people will never learn...........Drinkinking is NOT the answer to lifes problems.....Glad its NOT us learning that lesson !

Milk isn't either

Milk coats the "ole stomach lining though ....................just in case you bunch of ALCOHOLICS need to know !

Milk ??? UGH !!! Not with bourbon !

I like your concept on fairness, especially when I see the same names month after month, lol. Perhaps when the "handlers" Welcome folks to the site they can reference photo and video submission contests too. Oh well. Some of the entries are really really creative!

Yes good regulating, Guy's I-m so happy ^^ I-m so happy

Love your show, but..... we out here on the west coast are feeling a little left out on your show. we have tons of great roads all over the Pacific Northwest .
Please take time to have a look at this video i put together from sept.23 2012 . the ride we were on is called the Oyster Run to Anacortes Washington.

It was shot with a GoPro Hero ( love it)

Great video Dave. Thanks for sharing.

great video. You should post it in the videos section as well.

Watch the progress as it unfolds

Impersonation? Singing? Hey, nobody told me we were allowed to have fun with this! It could just get real interesting!

Bob you or any of the others have time to change. I am listing the data as it comes in to me. It will finalize by mid Dec

Oh, that's okay. I better stick with mechanical & technical stuff; I'm not really good at being fun!

But it was fun seeing you without a hat!

Bob I think you've picked a theme that is your niche, but I disagree about the fun bit!

I also disagree Bob...................( Ive seen you have "fun " on here ! ) .............( we wont tell anyone if you like ! )

Was I there Terry? lol You're right. I remember those days well....can't remember yesterday though.

Welcome Dim to the group.

Yeah , you were ther Al...............a " whole " 5 seconds ago...............REMEMBER " ( Time to "put it up " for the nite ! )

Thanks Ken. Old age memory loss is so much cheaper than the alcohol induced memory loss I used to have.

Yep and no big dramas either. Just fun.

"Cut and Paste" lol

Your right Al............"old age " is CHEAPER , but getting " medicated and alcohol " impaired memory loss is a whole lot more fun !

Sure is Ken

Updates on the 2013 contests coming along nicely

great concept it can only get better

Thank you

No Dennis...............THANK YOU ! Your hard work is "greatly " appreciated !

how about a photo contest using the "photo album" feature? We could do something like "best trip photo album"?

Good idea Uwe. That could be for August to match the video portion of one packing, then go on that trip, and then present it as a photo album.

great idea Uwe.

Sounds good to me.

Great idea! Of course that means I would actually have to get my butt in gear and take a trip - like that's ever going to happen!

Bob, you could do both and never have to take a real road trip. It could all be faked. The photo album is just a bunch of pictures of when you have been on short rides and not really a trip. Just don't have any background signs in the pic which are close to you're home.


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