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Hello from Arizona,
Just wanted to say "hello" to all the members on this forum and also to say thanks for all the info you put out, it really helps to have a place to turn to before you walk blind into a Stratoliner storm of sorts.
I've been riding for over 55 years and have had the pleadure of straddling some really great and also not so great machines my screwed up judgement has guided me upon, on and to.
I guess I've painted a very familiar picture in two paragraphs or less of a humorist past for most and a somewhat conjested future for those remaining few who find themselves new to the fetish of two wheels.
My aged advise......above all else keep your sence of humor close at hand.



Welcome aboard, Captain.

Welcome from down under

Well said Captaineasy, keep your sense of humour close at hand and the smiles will come every time you throw a leg over your two wheels, be that choice of ride based on good or bad judgement but I believe there is no such thing as a bad ride once you get to now the machine. Welcome on board and post some photos of your ride.

Welcome from Australia. Not far from Raymond52 above.
Your aged advise has been my motto for years.

Howdy Cap'n! Keg fridge is to the left, and the hot tub is out back. Make yourself at home.

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