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I have a 2006 750 honda shadow aero. Looking for some info for a good brand for a rear tire



Tires are real personal. They depend on how you ride, road conditions/climate, and road surface construction,

I have found that a Round Black Rubbery one is the Best for most motorbikes.... Smiley-laughing Your Choice - OK....

Welcome Geo from Penrith, NSW Australia.

Welcome from Arkansas. As everyone has said it depends on how you ride and your preference. I prefer Perilli or Bridgestone

Welcome Geo from Canberra, Australia.
As for tyres and based on my experience with the same bike I can recommend the Shinko 777 cruiser tyres, particularly in white walls for looks on a black Shadow. I wrote a review on here for these tyres after a bit of use.
Link to photo of Shinko 777 on a Shadow.

Link to my review.

Great info Dub

Thanks great look and info

Hey Frostbite, are you sure they need to be round? LOL

Frostbite ya know triumphin has a good point lol

Hey Geo,you fitting in rather nicely here. I pretty sure your profile pic was not a winter pic. Having lived in South Dakota during the winters, I know Michigan has similar winters. Assuming the bike is currently hibernating and if not, getting really close.

sister always uses dunlop elite 3 on her areo, i put commander II on the vstar very nice, more rounded treed profile like how a sport bike tire looks.

Welcome from Atlanta, Geo. I currently have Dunlops on my Aero, not on the bigger VTX. The Dunlops some folks find a bit "softer", but I really lean the 750 hard, so I like that soft grip. The best part? Try something out, ride like crazy till you wear it out, then try something else!

Triumphin ya she's put away until spring with a blown back tire

By that statement I am assuming you were riding at the time and managed to stay upright.

Yep was lucky I was just turning into my bros place when it blew out

Substitute Touring bike for passenger car and Sports bike for preformance vehicle and the following translates well.

Well, the Round Black Rubbery ones have served me well for five decades without much trouble Smiley-laughing
Cheers -

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