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No keyed electrical connection in fuse block

I am really lost on this bike.  My Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad had a keyed electrical connection to hook up accessories to the bike so that when you shut off the key in off position anything you had for accessories would also shut down.

Seems Susuki does not have this by what I can tell on Clymer Manual diagrams and by looking at the fuse block and testing the two screws at end of fuse block they are live all the time even when you shut off the key.

So I guess what you have to do is put in a 4 prong fuse relay connected to the battery and this is what I am doing.  This I will connect one wire to the licience plate positive lead to open and close the system and one wire to ground and one wire to positive on battery.  The other wire will go the the accessory I want to install.  This should give me a keyed system that when I turn on key the accessory will be powered and when I turn off the key the accessory will shut off.

Why would a manufacturer of a bike not put in a keyed port on a bike is beyond me.





It's euphemistically called "Keeping within the unit cost". The engineers and designers come up with a design and produce a prototype. Then, the Bean Counters say "This is the unit cost ceiling." and the cuts are made. So, you're left with the" Why isn't there a ..." feeling.

It's better you install the relay any way. This will save your ignition sw for too much amperage draw. Most bike manufacturers make the charging system only large enough for the system on the bike nothing else..

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