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No power to neutral light

Hi, can anybody help me, I had power to the neutral light. Had to replace with another but for some reason I have no power in the cable when the bike is in neutral. Any ideas?




The Blue wire runs from the ECU to the neutral light. Possible a faulty wire or connector.
The freaking manual says to replace the entire speedo if the led is bad. Any good speedometer shop can fix it.

Check the Neutral safety switch connection.

Have you checked the fuse, how about corrosion at the connections. If you replaced the bulb is it a 3.4 watt bulb, if it's a higher wattage it could pop the fuse right off. Also make sure the wire has an excellent ground, no corrosion.. If unable to track any thing down on this, just start by removing and cleaning any and all electrical connection you can find, even getting plugs apart, checking and lubing with die electric grease as you go, your couple hours of dicking around like this usually solves all electrical issues. remember, these are older bikes and not everyone cleans and lubricates their electrical connections(ever).If you find a plug wet and corroded,clean the tangs and wires with a steel brush or sandpaper, dry with a heat gun or hair dryer, then lube it and reassemble it . P/S make sure the battery cables are tight, and walla.

Hi, thanks everybody, had to log in with different details, checked the neutral switch, connectors etc. Still no power to the Neutral light wires. Plus now noticed that the bike would start in Neutral with stand down but does not now. Checked the fuses but only six and all good. Got to be something simple, anybody got any ideas?

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