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No riding

Just popped by to say hi. I haven't been on for a while. I'm currently in England, living with my niece. I've  been here for 8 weeks so far and not back in Australia until early January.  Which means NO riding.  I think this is the longest I've gone without riding. I don't know how everyone who has to winterise their bikes do it.  Very frustrating . 



I think now you know how we do it Tony..... Building up our frustrations!!! Till the new spring and the new season starts! It's here in Holland nearly identical weather as they have in England. I think we have a bit more chance of freezing temps and although we don't have that big amounts of snow, the chance we have snow is even bigger as in the middle or south of England..... That's our biker life Tony, riding when if it's good weather during summer and waiting during winter. I try to make some rides, even when it's below zero during late autumn and winter, but only without any chance there will be snow or ice on the roads and..... surely no salt!!!

I'm with you Tony. It must be like going to a funeral that never ends cause your bike is right there calling you but the weather is crap

Tony, combine no riding with hardly being mobile due to injury for 6 months and you have my 2015.....none of it my choice. You travelled at your suck it up princess. Lol. Hope all is good man.

Hi Tony. Withdrawals start setting in after 4 weeks. You must be like a bear with a sore head. Smiley-wink
You might have to get yourself a push bike Tony. Not the same but it has two wheels.

It's going to be -1 Saturday evening. That's cured it for a while lol

Maybe Gert should come over here and ride Tonys bike for our summer.

Gert would melt in your heat. LOL

Never heard any better suggestions Matt! Smiley-wink

Hey Tony .... it was 36C here yesterday. Tomorrow is "cooling down" to 26C. Will be thinking of you freezing your 'whatsits' off'.

Yeah Peter, we took Dim and Adam into Sydney on Friday....42c. A bit cooler there yesterday.

Robert and I have gone for a ride at 20ºf. It was fun!

Sounds a bit sad without a bike to ride...I guess you don't want to hear about my hot and long ride to Perth and back? lol

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