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No spark

Hello, I have an 05 vstar I was recently riding and the bike got to temp then cut out. Would start up but to give it throttle it would Chokenout the bike. So I changed the plugs then it ran fine but after about 30 min of running and bike getting hot it did it again an fowled another plug. I changed both coils/wires and now I have no spark/fire at all!!

HAS anyone dealt with anything like this I have check the fuses and all are good. Could it possibly be stator? An is their a way to test the stator? Thank you in advance



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The usual suspect is a partially clogged pilot circuit
The Pilot jet may be clogged..
Mixture screw to far in
Air passageways in the carburetor throat blocked
Yes, a stator can be tested but if the bike battery is holding a charge, that's not your issue.
Recheck your coil install.
Seafoam would be worth a try.

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