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No torque power in takeoff.

I don't feel the power so much when I throttle up, and that is from takeoff to givin it the gun in any gear. It seems to take a minute to hit overdrive so to speak. Could this come from my carburetor being out of wack?
1997 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 classic / 50k miles. 




Very first thing, check your spark plugs. Their condition will give us a starting point to work from.

When was the last tune up? Have you checked for water in your float bowls? The ethanol really makes a mess of the inside of the carbs if the bike has been setting for any time. Check your voltage you need at least 13 volts while running at 2500 RPM. Ride safe and welcome to the site.

Well, sounds to me that you need to sync your carbs and add some seafoam to the gas for some cleaning.

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