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Not being a snob.

I haven't been a snob or ignorant by my absence. The thing is my ten year old computer up and died. I have a new one on the way so I will dive in again as soon as I can. I am doing this message on my sons' computer which has taken me an age to work out. Everyone stay safe and unbelievably happy. see you soon.




We will be waiting..

Hurry up Paul.

We aren't going anywhere Paul ... will be here when you get back.

Waiting for you Paul...

Waiting, waiting, waiting!!!!!!

Computers break., it's a given. Used to get paid to teach people how to repair them. You're okay by me.

I hope realise you have to buy a new hamster every now and power your computer on the little hamster wheel generator that is hidden inside?
See you back here soon! Smiley-laughing

Mr hamster....? Lol

Not rat, hamster....

Well I took your advice and seeing as how there was confusion between rat and hamster I put one of each in there. There is a hell of a lot of noise coming from the box but it is working like a beauty. I've been an XP man for nearly nine or so years so now I have to bone up on Windows 7. God bless Microsoft, they come up with an operating system that most people get comfortable with then the parasitical mongrels stop supporting it and go and change the whole ballgame. Ah well that's life in the fast lane. At least I can always rely on my trusted two wheeled steed, just keep the clean oil up to her and regular general maintenance and no dramas. Hope everybody are all enjoying lots and lots of great riding time. Over and out, Roger Wilcox, and see ya all later. P.S. If you read this Deebs could you shoot an email to me as I lost most of my contacts, yours being one of them. Okay I'm really going this time. BYE!!!!!!!!!!

Good to see the wheels are turning Macca! How lucky are you losing Deebs info. Lol have a good one. Get in here when you can.

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