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Not charging

I have a 2002 Yamaha vstar classic I have put 2 stators in first one went about 200 hundred miles .. put second one in 400miles with new rectifier,, new battery ..  still shows only 12.5 volts ..and when I start it still stays between 12.5. 12.6 on rev up...HELP. please....   Could I have a bad rectifier..



"You need to test both the battery and rectifier. Volt meter the battery, which should be about 12.5-12.8 volts. Test the battery~ hook up the voltmeter to the battery and start the bike (on draw test). If the volts drop below 10.5 at startup the battery is bad. Test the rectifier~ hook up the voltmeter at the battery while the bike is running. Twist the throttle. The volts should fluctuate between 12.8 (idle) and 14.6 (3000 RPM). If the volts are over 14.6 or the volt range doesn't change then the rectifier is cooked."

Did you use a oem stator?

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