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Not a rally, just a little “Event”!

Dennis and Nola will arrive next Saturday the 9th of June and stay with us for a few day's in Barneveld, Holland. I really hope I can show them a little bit of the Netherlands, the village we (Simone and I) live and some of our country with lots of new but also beautiful historical buildings. Windmills, dykes, old little city centres, the new land to feel how it is to walk around 6 meters below sealevel... and a daytrip to visit Amsterdam. I hope they will enjoy. We just have a little house, maybe (or better to say surely) not the space they used to have, but we have two good beds for them, a hot shower, food and drinks and of cours, our hospitalaty...



It’s the size of your heart that counts Gert ... and it seems to me from your words that you’ve got s big one. Goodonya mate!!

Gret, we've seen your vids. I think you'll be able to show them plenty. They'll really enjoy it

post lots so we can see all the fun. I know you will. It's the only way I will ever see another country

We're probably in the same boat Valerie

Gert; I am sure you will give them a very good time. You are a good friend. Someday soon I hope to visit you and Simone.

Well that was sometime ago now. We had the most amazing few dayswith Gert and Simone. After all the time and meeting in person and their hospitality and the places we visited has embedded into our memories an everlasting trip to the Nederlandsand friendship

Yes it was Dennis! Long time no see,t on Facebook that often.... Everything oké with you and Nola?

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