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not starting

i have a 2006 roadstar silverado if i ride it for a lenghty period of time as long as i dont shut the bike off all is fine however as soon as i shuit it off it will not start again unless i put it on a tricle charger for a few hours has anyone experianced this problem. ?


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How old is the battery? It sound like it is still charging OK. If your battery is over 3-4 years old I would think of getting a new one. Take a look at your cables and clean then and make sure that they are tight. If you keep running it with a bad or marginal battery you will burn up the stator and possibly the rectifier/regulator. Get a volt ohm meter and check the battery voltage it should be charging 13.5-14.5 volts while running. If your battery only has 11 volts or less while just setting with out any thing on you may have low water or a cell going bad. IF so replace battery no matter how old or new. New does not mean good just new. Good luck..

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