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Just an idea. I have noticed that on an order placed for an item that shows out of stock but turns out to have been discontinued after the order is placed there isn't a notification to let the person who ordered know that it has occurred. Unless they are on top of checking the parts on the site directly the order just sits there and remains in a "not in stock" status. I can see where this can be very frustrating for some who don't look into the reason for things not being in stock and just wait, checking the order and continue to see the same result. idk if there is anything that can be done to correct it other than the person checking to follow up on it like I do. It may be something that CC can look into to prevent any disgruntled customers in that aspect.




Hi Terry,
Thank you very much for your feedback. Honestly this is something we are always looking into improving. Do you have a Product that you specifically put on order in which this happened? If so you can email me at and I will research what happened. Unfortunately what happens sometimes is that we have a product listed on the site, a customer places the order, and we order that product from our supplier. The supplier tells us it is out of stock but will be in on date "X". Date "X" comes and we ask where the product is and for whatever reason the supplier tells us it is then discontinued. This is less than ideal for you our customer and us the retailer. I fully empathize with what a terrible experience this is! I can tell you we are getting more aggressive with our suppliers to try to catch these issues before the order is ever placed, but many of our suppliers do not supply this info to us. Thanks again for bringing this up.


Thanks for the response Chris. One of the main reasons for this was to get feedback on potential ideas that could help with resolving it for others. Also to let others know to follow up on their own orders to shorten the wait time for finding out why something is just sitting in a order status without reason other than something wrong. The description you said is exactly what happened. An item was listed as arrival on the 26th april not in stock yet was discontinued.

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