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Odometer fault

hi everyone. I have a 1998 Suzuki VL1500 intruder. The speedo and fuel gauge work however the odometer is stuck on zero and won’t shift between the trip meter and the odometer. Does anyone have any ideas of what would cause this and how to fix it




Unfortunately, Suzuki doesn't offer repair parts for the trip meter. They want to sell you the entire unit.
See page 44.
Fortunately, there are lots of shops that can help.
See if one is close to you or make some calls.

Big compliment Edwin. Man, it seems to me you know to answer nearly every technical question!

Good call Edwin. I have used the Seattle guys and it worked great it was on my 57 Oldsmobile.

Thank you, I appreciate the compliments. Gert, the only thing I really know is how to find answers to stuff I don't know.

Haha.... but that can also be really important to get the right answer!!!

Edwin’s, thanks so much for your assistance. I’m sure I can work with this.

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