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We just got a Vulcan 1700 2016 used. It only had 400 miles on it when we got it. My husband has been driving it to work so quickly had to change the oil. Did it with no trouble since he's changed the oil on his last Vulcan 900 classic. Since he's right on maint. he checked the oil only a few days later and found it totally dry. He checks his bike cold. (a few days prior he has put the max of 5.33 qt, I believe he actually put more because it didn't read full) So was plenty shocked to see it dry. Checked it a few days later and needed a few more Qt. We took off on a ride yesterday and it needed a few more. During our time out he checked it and it looked good. But today heading to work he checked it and it needed a few more. So in the month, he's owned it I believe he said today he's put 4 4qt jugs into it. It's not smoking at all and had no leaks anywhere. Though even after taking off for work today he said it was knocking and he had just put a few qts. in to fill it. But thankfully it stopped knocking.
Any advice? My only idea is maybe it's HOW he's checking it? Maybe overfilling it and causing him to burn it off (though we see no smoke) We just can't figure it out since we didn't have this problem with his last 2014 Vulcan classic.



I found a links of a conversation about oil dissappearing in Vulcan 1700

From what I read your rings need to wear in...and by putting some hard riding miles on the bike might solve the problem. That's a problem that I've never heard before on a newish bike. Good luck, sorry for you problem. Carry some oil with you and do some riding. You might want to check the oil after the bike has sat for 10 minutes so the oil can settle down in the crankcase, you may just find it is near normal. Otherwise, you may end up overfilling it and that's a whole different issue. I believe the bike has an oil light, I wouldn't be overly concerned with the oil level unless the light comes on.

The oil must go somewhere or it is operator error. Recheck your procedures by getting a Service Manual for the bike or Repair and maintenance manual.

Download Owners Manual here for free:

Carefully review pages 146-147 about oil fluctuations.

thank you very much for your quick response it's very helpful. I'll try to come back on here and either post more questions or post what came of this for others to see in the future. If anyone else has any ideas please feel free to post. We do alot of riding he rides work 50 miles a from home at least 3 or 4 days a week, so he puts a lot of miles on his bikes.

One other thing, have a leak down test preformed. this varies from a compression test in that instead of using tne engine rotation to build pressure in the cylinder and measuring compression, it has the piston at top dead center and pumps air into the cylinder to measure loss.
5 to 10% is excellant. 10 to 20% will still run okay but needs to be watched. Above 20%, something is wrong and a top end rebuild is recommended. 30% means major problems.
This goes for both cylinders and they should be close to each other in the results.
The first suspect if you get a higher percentage would be poor ring sealing.

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