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Oil change and maintenance for a 05 Suzuki C90

Want to start doing my own maintenance, any suggestions on what oil to use and what other maintenance I should do would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



if you have a book for it follow it if not go to dealer and get one make sure you use oil for bike ma oil but real get a book and be safe it will tell you must ever thing you did oil ties lights plugs how much air in the tires ever bike is diffton in some ways it will tell when it did to be done best i can tell you you will end up going to bike shop or dealer or wright a c.c. for oil good luck lasersib

Cool HI; I use mobile one syn. I have a C50T 2005. I would change the air filter to a K&N this will improve you milage. It did mine. If you haven't changed the differantial oil I would do that at least once. If it has never been done.  Get the C90 service manual from Suzuki. Mine cost about 60$. Worth it. Check tire psi. Use the manutactures rating that is on the tire. Suzuki has the psi a little low. This is for a softer ride. There are no real adjustments on the C90. Make sure that you have at least 1/8 in. free play on the clutch lever. Adjust the brake pedal . You want about 1/4-1/2 free play. check the color of the brake fluid. If it real dark you may want to change it. Brake fluid does get dirty and old. Only do this if it looks dirty. You will stop with dirty fluid.Change the plugs when the engine starts hard or develops a miss.

I have 24K and just cleaned the plugs they looked very good. Reset the gap and reinstaled. I also just changed the tires so I checked the rear brake shoes and installed some axle grease in the drive shaft.

Check the lites, the Battery make sure that there is water in the cells.  check the battery conn. are tight and clean. Just some stuff to start with. Hope this helps you.Cool scruffy..

How often should I change oil and air filter and spark plug on a 2005 Suzuki boulevard c90 1500

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