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Oil leak

Greetings all, from Co Clare, Ireland west.My 1986 VT 750 Shadow has been leaking oil. I replaced the gasket on the stator cover,it still leaks. The problem is with the grommet at the bottom-it has shrunk. How/where can I get part, does it have a part #.





See if any of these show it and tell us it's proper name.
In 1986, the US Model was a 700cc engine version due to import tariffs.

Japanese 1986 Model

US 1983 Model


Thanks for the replies. I don't recognise the part that I think I need, from the diagrams. What I am calling a "grommet" is at the bottom of the case and is a conduit for connections to the neutral switch.

Aha! Only now I realise why I don't recognise my missing part in the diagrams posted to my appeal. The diagrams shown are of the right hand side/clutch side. My problem is behind the cover on the left. I would appreciate a diagram and parts list for that side.

Best answer

Here is a spot to look up you parts you may need. It is also a great break down of all the parts
I use them for reference and I also buy parts from them.

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