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Oil , vstar

hey guys advise sought

is Nulon 20w 50 semi synthetic suitable for an 2009 Vstar 950A?




Hey guys advise sought

Is Nulon 20w 50 semi synthetic oil suitable for my 2009 vstar 950a?

i use the yamalube

Hi Steve welcome to the site.
I'm no expert but motorcycle oil needs to be NON Friction modified (due to the meshing of gears) and generally oils will be labelled as suitable for motorcycle use. I suggest you purchase an appropriately labelled oil whether semi or full synthetic. Your owners manual will give you the appropriate spec for oil type.
If you don't have one here is a download link.
This is the oil specific page.

Hi Steve - I use the full Mineral Oil from Penrite, MC4-ST 20w-50w for my VN900 - Just my opinion but I don't like Synthetic oils of any kind ... I find that the engine runs quieter on mineral oil - never any issues with the full mineral oils I have run in all of my bikes over the last 40 + years .... Your Choice entirely .. Just throwing it out there for an alternative ...
Cheers & Ride Safe...

Hmmm ... what Dub said ... I wouldn’t use an oil with friction modifiers in a motorcycle. Whether you use mineral or synthetic or something in between is entirely up to you. However, I would follow manufacturers recommendation in relation to the oil specs.

Welcome Steve from Penrith, NSW.

20W oil wont distribute as fast as a lighter oil such as 10W or 5W when first starting, which is when most wear occurs.
Do not use oil with friction modifiers, otherwise your clutch facings will slip.
Recommended engine oil grade:
API service SG type or higher, JASO
standard MA

Personally, in my V-Star 1300 I use fully synthetic Castrol Power 1 Racing 5W-40

Steve ... what do you reckon I should run in my 1974 Norton 850? Currently running Castrol GTX 20W50 mineral

I've been using Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50 in my Boulevard for 3 years without any issues.

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