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Old-timer new to the site

Been riding for quite a while - took a hiatus when I lived in the Caribbean - back on the road, but new to this "community"... I'm kind of a tech-tard so I am just learning the stuff my kids have known for years.
I'll do my best to keep up.   Enjoying the site so far.



Welcome to the site Alex, I am sure you will enjoy your time here

Welcome Alex. Looking forward to see some pictures of your ride.

WELCOME my friend ! Hope you enjoy it as much as I had over the years ! Be safe and post some pics !!

Hey Alex welcome again! Don't worry to much about being a Tech tard! There are a few of us around here and then just a few tards as well!! Lol
The more your here the easier it becomes and the more friends you will make. Lord of great people around here and great friends to be made. If you font have fun around here check your pulse! Lol post some pics and share your adventures and most of all ride safe!

Welcome to the site Alex. Post a pic. of your bike I'd love to see it.

Hey Gary- (& Matt, & Kenneth...etc.) I put a shot of the bike in the photos section. Still trying to navigate around this site. I'll have more shots up soon. ...and thanks everybody for the warm welcome!

Alex, welcome aboard. My two brothers and I all ride black '05 VTX's, 1800S, 1800R, and 1300R. We all started riding Hondas in the late '60's and remained loyal to the brand for over 40 years now. I also have a Goldwing GL1800 and one of my brothers has a Shadow Sabre VT1100. All five bikes are black, loaded with accessories and looks and runs like brand new. They are all posted in my photo section, check them out when you get a chance. Ride safe and enjoy the site, you'll get to meet some great people around here.

Welcome to CCC Alex.

Welcome to the site Alex, hope you enjoy your spending time here......

There is a lot of old-timers here. We have fun on your bikes. Welcome to CCC and have a great time on your bike.

Welcome, continue to keep coming back and poking around and getting to know everyone. Some good friends to be found.

Robin here, Customer Service Manager, I wanted to stop on by and welcome you to the community! I know you will just love it here! We have a knowledgeable staff and amazing involved community members! We are always here to help in every way we can! Any time you have a question just jump on here and start a discussion, every one looks forward to help with all those questions we happen to stumble upon, in the middle of an install, MOTOTRIBE to the rescue! upload some pics and check out every one elses, these guys here are good people! I look forward to talking to you soon!

take care and ride safe,
keep that shiny side up!~

-Robin Farnum
Customer Service Manager

Welcome, enjoy the site. Look forward to some pics of the ride.

Again I am grateful for all the nice messages. We've got snow & sleet headed my way for the next few days, but soon I'll have the bike back out & get some more photos up. I'm inspired now! to the community Alex.

Alex be careful over there. We haven't gotten anything as of yet! Knock on wood!! But cold.

Don't blame me!!!

Bill you must have a guilty conscience since I didn't blame anyone this time! Lmao

Yeah, but I know..............

Well, it's here. 3 degrees F, (-16 C). Roads are iced, layered with snow. Looks like I'll leave her in the garage for a few (the truck stays outside, the bike gets the garage). PMS (parked motorcycle syndrome) mentioned in another thread has set in for sure. Hopefully in a few days the roads will be cleared & dry. I don't care if it's cold, I just wanna see pavement!

Be careful Alex. I heard y'all got some ice. I guess I was fortunate as it skirted to my south and up to the north east.

Yep, here's hoping for clear and dry for you soon!

Here's hoping for clear and dry for everybody, so all can get out and ride!!!

Welcome dont worry about old timers in a few years the sale of trikes and spyders will go through the roof but there will be a bevy of used cruisers for sale lol

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