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Only A Biker Knows

You welcome the solitude, paired with the sound of your motor and sight of your constant companion, your shadow, only a biker knows.

Feeling blessed when Mother Nature gives you a break from the wet stuff on your only day off, only a biker knows.

Soothing balm of the warm suns rays reaching down to envelope you on your first spring ride, only a biker knows.

Tanned wrists and cheeks but no bikini lines, only a biker knows.

Maintenance time obligatory blood sacrifice at the alter of two wheels, given willingly to see the next journey through safely, only a biker knows.

Strangers are drawn to initiate conversations with you at any stop, providing a social aspect you hadn't anticipated on a solo journey, only a biker knows.

Holding your breath while speeding to get ahead of a cattle truck, only a biker knows.

Squashed guts and little amputated body parts decorate a fast moving target that still manages to be a magnet for countless kamikaze bugs, only a biker knows.

Wind seeping into your jacket like arms to embrace you, cool and welcome on a warm day, but an icy cold enemy to ward against on a winters ride, only a biker knows.

A pure joy and focus found once rolling hills and winding roads lay themselves ahead in your path, only a biker knows.

Blinding light rays of sun winking on chrome, only a biker knows.

Memory provoking smells of cut grass and flowery fields, only a biker knows.

Feeling the vibration of corrugated roads resonating long after you've completed that stretch of road, only a biker knows.

Yellow jacket in your jacket stinging at 100km/h, only a biker knows.

Watching a showreel of the blue sky and clouds roll by the back of your bulbous chrome headlight, only a biker knows.

A nod or wave to acknowledge another rider, still a stranger, but strangely not, only a biker knows.

Strong bonds of friendships transcend social status, sparked and strengthened by shared passion and experiences on two wheels, only a biker knows.

- Dim Pocket Rocket




So true. Thanks for posting. May have to print it out and frame it and put it in the Bird nest (the man shed)

What a great one Dim! Like Randy commented, this is something what would be nice to have framed hanging on the wall above my bike in the shed! Thanks for posting Dim.....

Sums it all up perfectly

sum it all up great

Well scribed Dim.

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