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Update April 2015: Bullying will not be tolerated 

Update May 2015: Discussions related to God, Guns and Politics should be posted in this topic



I promise... I will be good boy....

Marek!!!!!! How long will that promise last????? If by chance you do succeed could you post a video of it actually happening please?

I want that in writing and signed in BLOOD. Yours!!

It will be too much to ask for some of our brothers to be good, but I know they will be good at it! Whatever IT is! LOL


I'll be Good too

Great Weather to Ride

I'm always good

Cough splutter choke!!!!!!!!!!! What did you say Rick???????????


Define good please Smiley-laughing

That's easy tezza1............ME Smiley-wink

but flaming is OK? lol

Define good? Can't... the convo might be banned... mwaahahahahaha

Iwill try to be as good as ......................hmmmmmmmmmm?????.RED PILL Phil

On it's way big fella.



1.Formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech.
2.Polite remarks used in formal conversation

Just so we are all sure what we a Discussing .

Well that stopped the conversation didn't it?????????????

Sorry Phil
please continue wiht the Debachery

(plural debaucheries). Indulgence in sensual pleasures; scandalous activities involving sex, alcohol, or drugs without inhibition. (archaic) Seduction ...

sorry again wrong web site

I know i'm at the right place, Because your all Wacko :$ Wacko :$ Wacko :$

bets on i never make 2 weeks

Marek is good.........Good at being bad.

Will do..................I promise ! Still pretty early though , and havent drunk breakfast yet. Give me another hour or so to see if I can do it !

Sounds good to me

yup I agree

I know Terry.... BAD is good!!!!!

When were good, no one remembers, When were bad, no one forgets. GGGGGGRRRRRR

We all good! No Bad Right

New member with my husband Willie he better be good or else!

HMMMMMM Good or good at it !!!!!!!

Simple Be Good to Others as they Would be Good to You

One very well known biker from around here (passed away now) had a slogan that I have on a patch on my vest. He said, "be good and kind and careful". Not a bad lesson for life in general Smiley-laughing

the voices in my head told me to be good

I always thought it was "Do unto others before they do it to you" ?

Robbie , you must know Phil !!

Well said Kat.

Thanks Kat
I see that Iam not the only old fart up early ,rob, Al good mornning to you .

Morning Mark and all others. Trust you made it home last week without incident. Yep. Up early. Just about to roll the bikes out for a breakky ride. Just Coz and I and a beautifull sunny Sunday. Doing the ride BEFORE the heat hits. Coz's brother called in on his Shadow yesterday. He was a big pool of sweat in in his jacket. Just too hot. Have a great day all.

I am planning a ride day also but a raging sore throat may put an end to that!!

Im off to the Thunder ride with Vardy, Blackknight and many others I was told 1600 registered not as big as Ulysees but still a fair few bikes Lowie was here also but had to head back early this morningThey have been great company over the weekend.

Say hi to them all. Tell Vardy I might ring him tonight.

No probs will do

Yeah Wayne... U/c...3500 to the 6000 (Coffs Harbour, the largest)

Well , Kaye , stay in one or two rooms..................perfect those and you will MASTER the whole house with practice !

I promise...know what they say....."practice makes perfect " !

10 years ago I promised my wife that I'll be good! She's still waiting!

Well Joseph...............better late than never ! At least your trying................................arent you ?


Keep PhilCole off here and the rest will "fall in place " !!

Yes like you Ken, He's very trying..LOL LOL LOL

I dont try Allan....................dont do any good after youve been labeled a "troublemaker " .............( or as you put it earlier on another post , an ASS ! ) Try and BEHAVE , Im done for the night and cant keep an eye out for you anymore !!


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