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over heating stuck in traffic jam

Hi . Igot stuck in a traffic jam on my vl1500 trike.It was stop start.stop start for about a mile. Suddenly with the engine very hot .the clutch stopped working so had to stop till it cooled off.After a hour,i tried the clutch to see if it was ok.It worked so i switched it off to fasten my helmet then tried to start it up again and it felt like the battery was dead.I finally got a push of another biker and got going again.No more trouble since.Has any body had a simular experience.




Start by checking your oil. Is it low? Does it smell burnt? What color does it appear? What type and brand are you running? Check all of these and let us know what you find. Do you have an owner's manual? What year is your bike?

yes i have a manual.the year is 2002.Oil is ok no smell. I will double check everything again tomorrow Thank for the reply.

The type of oil you are using is important. Automotive oils often contain friction modifiers like molybdenum disulfide.
Not for use in a wet clutch system like your bike.

Thank you.

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